A Seaside Reset in Laguna Beach

rom the iconic to the unexpected, the city of San Francisco never ceases to surprise. Kick-start your effortlessly delivered Northern California holiday in the cosmopolitan hills of The City . Join your Travel Director and fellow travellers for a Welcome Reception at your hotel

Tiptoe through the Tulips of Washington

2021 will be a Different Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. We know there will be restrictions on the number of people who can visit our fields and gardens (and other retail establishments/restaurants/venues) based on COVID guidelines established by the state and county governments.

City Spotlight: Philadelphia To change the overall look

This article is part of Earth Refuge’s Spotlight Series on Philadelphia. During the summer of 2021, cities across the United States (‘US’) have seen record breaking temperatures to an extent that scientists say would have been “virtually impossible” to reach without anthropogenic climate change.

The Castle on the Cliff: Majestic, Magic, Manoir

Thousands of migrants – of whom, many are children – suffer from deadly heat conditions at the US-Mexico border. As the effects of climate change worsen day by day, extreme weather conditions are causing a high risk of dehydration and death amongst migrants who try to enter the States.

Places in Surat Thani to visit

Damis is located in Tambon Khao Phang, Amphoe Ban Ta Khun, Surat Thani. The dam and hydropower plant were inaugurated on September 30, 1987, by King Rama IX, who bestowed the name “Rajjaprabha,” which means “Light of the Kingdom,” in conjunction with the purpose of generating electricity.

With breathtaking scenery inside the Reservoir, also known as Chiao Lan Lake, consisting of a range of undulating limestone mountains rising from the emerald sea and indigo blue sky, with mist occasionally drifting along the mountaintops, the Dam can offer a variety of activities within the lake, such as sightseeing by boat, staying overnight on rafts, kayaking, spotting animals, and so on. This dam has become a once-in-a-lifetime destination for tourists, as well as the number one attraction on mainland Surat Thani province.

Pure Luxe in Punta Mita the original contained

In this week’s interview, Ole ter Wey talks to climate activist Grace Fong about the importance of climate education. Drawing on her very personal experiences with the impacts of climate change in her home country of Fiji

How to Explain Travel to a Five-Year-Old

I’ve been a traveler my whole life — and was lucky enough to have a family that prioritized experiencing new destinations throughout my childhood. Now, it’s my nephew’s turn. At two years old, with seven countries down, he’s on his way to becoming a citizen of the world.

The Best Kept Secrets About Travel

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — The difference between a tourist and a traveler is getting to know a culture, according to Karen Gershowitz, writer and travel addict. Since boarding a plane to Europe when she was 17, Gershowitz has visited over 90 countries and “gained friends.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Travel

relocated by your company, it can seem daunting to visit a new country for the first time. Looking for some tips and tricks to mastering international travel? We have them, courtesy of Travel + Leisure

Bangkok: Best Time to Visit Bangkok?

Bangkok, Thailand, is a tropical climate country with hot and humid weather all year. The best time to visit Bangkok is from November to February, when the weather is cooler and more comfortable. These few months are also peak season for visitors to Bangkok, so hotel prices will rise.

The hottest months are March and May, when temperatures in the city can reach 26 – 30 degrees Celsius.
The extreme heat may also cause thunderstorms in the city in the evening. Bangkok’s rainy season lasts from July to November. As a result, rain is expected for the majority of the days.